MyListing released more than a year ago on 17 October 2017 while development started sometime in January 2017. Which means the theme has been in active development for almost 2 years now. This is the only project our team has been working during all this time, and we want to keep it that way for the future.


To be able to afford the ongoing development we have to make sure the theme keeps being popular and the best choice on the Envato Market. We plan to continue our support of the theme will exciting new updates, but we also need your help along the way.


How can you help us? 



Leaving a positive review on Themeforest not only helps to attract potential customers, but it also impacts the item ranking in the market’s search algorithm. If you like our theme, this is one of the best ways to support us. You can leave a review on the link below



Follow us on social media pages and our community group. We need your valuable feedback







Once you purchase the theme, you will get lifetime updates, without any extra purchase. Doesn’t matter if your support has expired a year ago, you still have access to new updates.


Support expires 6 or 12 months after you purchase the theme, at which point our team cannot assist you with technical question according to envato support policy. When this happens, a lot of users want to get help through comments section or through email, which puts us in a very bad position.


Helping a single person who’s support has expired with a single question, means we have to treat the same way every other person asking for the same thing. You can imagine that with 5000+ users that’s not possible and neither affordable for us.


If you need our support team to help you with any questions, please extend your support period according to envato support policy. If you don’t need help from our team, extending support is absolutely optional. You will still get all updates released as long as the theme is for sale.



Thank you to everyone

27collective team