MyListing 1.7

– Promotions v2, a complete revamp of the promoted listings feature.
– One-click demo importing is now available.
– Explore: Page url is now dynamically updated as you filter listings. This makes it possible to remember the state of filters when opening a listing, and then going back to filters.
– Explore: Custom sorting options are now also available for Categories, Regions, and Tags tabs.
– Added sidebar support for the WooCommerce shop and product pages.
– Added ability to set number of product columns on shop page, through Theme Options > Shop Page.
– Added support for cookie consent checkbox in comments/reviews form.
– Added new Cart section in site header.
– Added support for setting custom landing pages for listing regions, categories, and tags.
– Listing Feed widget now supports passing an Explore page URL for retrieving results, allowing you to customize it based on Explore page filters.
– FIX: Clusters not working properly on inital load in Explore page.
– FIX: Image carousel blocks not working properly when using multiple of them on single listing page.
– FIX: Elementor 27 > Content Block not rendering rich content.
– FIX: Multiple issues with dropdown inputs, such as option filtering not working after first selection, and also included a better sorting algorithm for search results.
– FIX: On social login, some users having to refresh the site manually to see their account information.
– FIX: On social login with Facebook, the user’s Facebook profile picture not showing up sometimes.
– FIX: Order by Rating in Explore page excluding listings without a rating.
– FIX: Drag&drop reordering not working for Regions in Add/Edit Listing page.
– FIX: Share on Twitter and WhatsApp not working on some devices. Also added new ‘Copy Link’ option in the share dialog.
– FIX: Default WordPress search form displaying a blank page when finding no results.
– FIX: ReCaptcha on contact forms in single listing page not working.
– Added compatibility with the latest Elementor version (v2.1.2).
– TWEAK: Theme Options > Custom Code now features a code editor with syntax highlighting.
– Replaced the parallax effect with a better alternative solution

Promotions 2.0

Three main levels and the ability to set a custom priority level for specific listing

Promoted = Yellow badge
Featured = Blue badge
Normal = No badge

Promoted and featured will appear in relevant search results only just like regular listings

To use the new promotion feature, first go to theme options > integrations and make sure promotions 2.0 is selected in the dropdown. Click save

To create promotion packages, go to products > add new, change the product type to “Promotion package”

To manually change the priority of the listing, edit that listing in back-end, to the right you should now see this bar

Shop sidebar

To add a sidebar to the shop page, first go to theme options > shop page, and select the sidebar

Then edit the shop page in wp-admin > pages and change the page template to Sidebar + content or Content + sidebar

You can add widgets to the sidebar in Apperance > widgets

Live URL reload

While you use the filters in explore page, the URL will be live reloaded. A few benefits of this are

– Once you click on a listing and go back, the explore page will remember the filters active, so it won’t reset the page
– You can use the generated URL in the listing feed widget to show the results of that specific search in your homepage
– This can also be used to sort events by date in the listing feed widget
– You can perform an advanced search with multiple filters, copy the URL and share it with your users in social media

New one click demo import, in theme tools > demo import

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