Modify Social Networks field (Add WhatsApp link)


    1. GoodKarmaKid

      Look at the example above, just add the service you want to delete using the unset format given. I just do a quick copy paste, pasted it 4 or 5 times then change the text to the networks I want to get rid of, takes about 30 seconds.

  1. GoodKarmaKid

    I successfully added the whatsapp icon using the above function but i just get an “about:blank” page ?

    In the field next to whatsapp where it says “Enter URL…” What exactly is supposed to go there? Phone # doesn’t work, I even tried leaving blank presuming you may use the phone number field, but in that case the whats app icon completely disappears.

    Please advise the proper procedure,


    1. GoodKarmaKid

      I spent about 20 minutes playing with different url schemes and this is the only one I got to work. Admittedly not an expert in this field 😉

      Ideally, it would be nice to use some of the other schemes, where it asked the end user do you want to make a voice call or text message. Would also be great to throw in a little branding here. Auto-subject Line. “Question about I found your info on

      This needs to be baked into the snippet, so the listing user just needs to enter their “WhatsApp #. not going to be practical to go back and manually add whatsapp url to all listings.

      I realize this isn’t a priority, but would be a really cool feature. WhatsApp is huge in many parts of the world.


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