Maps and google location suggestions don’t work

The main reason why this happens is you either haven’t added a google map API key or you have added it but it has restrictions

1. Create a new Google map API key

2. Copy it and paste it in Theme Tools > Theme options > General > Google map API key 


  1. buroboud

    How can we change the location coordinates to which the Google map marker icon is set to? It is now automatically done by the Google API which we registrate and therefore the coordinaties of our agency are being used for it.

  2. hoter81

    I have the same issue as buroboud, location text box and map marker are not bound together, which makes it hard for a user to add a location. I expected it to work like WP Job Manager Extended Location plugin, but it’s currently almost useless.

    Also there’s no map at all in admin panel editor, I mean, you are already using ACF Pro which has built-in location type with bound map, why can’t you make it work properly for both users and admins?

  3. Michael

    Hello, I am having similar issues, but I am unable to register because It says my purchase code is invalid. My purchase code is bf7535ec-94a1-4fc3-97af-b8945adxxxxx (I blocked the last 5 numbers) and i purchased this on 2018-02-18 18:46:50. Please help. Ill be more than happy to provide proof.

  4. activefamilyhub

    Even after putting my the newly created API Key in, the map says a javascript error. The demo map also doesn’t change when you change the location and when you create a new listing with the coordinates it still doesn’t display. Can I have step by step instructions please. Do I need to have SSL certificate?

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