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MyListing provides a way for registered users to publish their own products. They can do this by navigating to the user menu, and selecting “My Products” page. There you will find listed the published user products, those that are still being reviewed, and a button to add new products.





Users can then assign those published products to their listings, and will be visible on the listing single page. This will be possible in case the listing type supports adding products and has a products tab configured by the site owner, so it’s entirely optional.

In the example below, a ‘Tickets’ tab has been added (using the listing type builder). The user then created a ‘Ticket’ product, and assigned it to this listing.



  1. carriepak

    Is it Compatible With The Events Calendar (By Modern Tribe, Inc.), How can I careative a listing feed page for the events calendar?
    How can I copy the listing type (event page) for the events calendar – event detail page?

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