Listing packages and field visibility

This new feature allows you to have unique paid packages for Places, Events, or other listing types. This new functionality is backward compatible — the only change you’ll notice upon updating the theme, is that the “Choose a Package” step when adding a new listing is now shown before you fill the listing details. This has been done in order to show/hide package fields based on the listing package. More on this feature below.

To take advantage of this new feature, you have to make some changes to your listing types, using the listing type editor. When you edit a type, you’ll notice that “General” is now the first tab, and that it has some new submenu items, including “Packages”. There, you’ll be able to choose what listing packages to use on this type, set the order they appear in, set whether they’re featured, and optionally override the package’s title and description for this type.

Listing fields can now be shown or hidden based on the listing package

This feature adds another level to listing packages, where apart from setting the “Listings Limit” and “Expiration Date” on a package, you can now also show or hide any listing field based on it. This will allow for more complex pricing plans, where you can have a set of basic listing fields that you could sell for a low price, and progressively more expensive packages, with more listing fields, content blocks, and much richer single listing pages.

The visibility options on a field don’t make it show or hide only in the listing’s edit form — it will also affect every place where that field has been used. Cover buttons, content blocks, preview card details, galleries, tables, etc.

To add visibility options on a field, there’s a new option under each field that let’s you set those options very easily.

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  1. paul

    When attempting to add packaged, there are no options available in the “List of Packages” despite the products being available and published. Any ideas?

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