Introduction to listing types

MyListing theme takes a different approach to adding directory listings. Unlike most other solutions out there, that provide a set of listing options, have a predefined number of listing fields, and can’t be customized far from their demo – MyListing gives the user control to every aspect of how a listing works.

It introduces a new concept, called “Listing Types”. You can create multiple listing types in a single site, which can be really useful in case your listings can be for totally different purposes, say one for Places and another for Events.

What level of customization do listing types provide?

  • Manage fields (Add/Edit/Reorder/Remove).
  • Customize the single listing page layout uniquely.
  • Create basic & advanced search forms, with unique search facets.
  • Customize the listing preview template.
  • All the customizations are done through the admin panel. Child themes or custom code not necessary.

Create a Listing Type

To create a listing type, navigate to “Theme Options > Listing Types” and click on “Add New”. Enter the listing type’s name, which should describe what this type will be used for.

Click on “Publish”, and continue customizing the listing type through the interactive metabox.

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