How do related listings work?

Let’s imagine we have a Place(business) listing type and an Event listing type


Using related listings we can connect listings of these types to one another. But first we need to make some configurations to the listing types to allow this.


Edit Place listing type, (Listing tools > Listing types) go to Single page > Content and tabs and add a new tab “Related listing”. You will be presented with a dropdown in which you can select to what listing type can the Places be related. We choose events in this case.


Next edit the Event listing type, and in the Listing fields you add a “Related listing” field. This field will show up in the add/edit listing form


Next time you add/edit an event, you will be able to select a Place as related listing (host)

Once you publish the event listing, the event will automatically appear in the Place listing in a separate tab.

Live demo of how the events will appear in a place listing can be seen in our main demo here


You can only relate listings which you created
Relationship is one to many, for example a place can be related to many events, but an event to a single place



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