Create a global listing type

Why do you need a global listing type
A global listing type can be used in explore page to display listing results from all other listing types. It can also be used in the 27 > map widget to display all listings from all types in the map.

What not to use it for
A global listing type should not be used in add listing page, it’s strictly used for filtering purposes not to add listings

How to create a global listing type
In Listing tools > listing types > add new > name it “All” or something similar.
In the general tab, scroll down and click “Advanced” button
Enable the option “This is a global listing type”

You should also setup the search filters in the “Search form” tab and click save.

How to add it to explore page
Edit your explore page using Elementor, click anywhere on the page to select the explore widget. To the right add this listing type and drag it to the first spot so it becomes the default option

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